QQMicroGameBoxServiceUpdate.exe    深圳腾讯科技有限公司

QQMicroGameBoxService.exe    深圳腾讯科技有限公司

QQMGBWebserver.exe    深圳腾讯科技有限公司

Quapeo.vp2       n/a

quickl.wbp       n/a

QuickList.wbx       n/a

quartz.w2k    Microsoft Corporation

QQPCClinicDebug.exe    unknown    腾讯科技(深圳)有限公司

QQPCClinicRestore.exe    unknown    腾讯科技(深圳)有限公司

QLMO.exe    1.00.0036.1    unknown

QuotaII.CRM.Merged.dll    Interface to spotlight via spotlight .Net API

qtax2.dll    unknown    Team V.R

qaac.exe    unknown    Selur´s Hybrid

Queued.exe    unknown    SitePen, Inc.

Qyj.exe    1, 0, 0, 2    晟業資訊

Qumana.exe    unknown    Qumana Software

qmjunku.dll    3, 0, 9, 4411    unknown

qmpgpu.dll    3, 0, 9, 4411    unknown

qcad_demo.exe    unknown    RibbonSoft GmbH

Qcall_HOSxP.exe    Queue Caller Server For HOSxP

qca_shb.sys    Qualcomm Atheros Communications Inc.

QILanPolish.dll    unknown    Blank

QILanCzech.dll    unknown    Blank

QILanKorean.dll    unknown    Blank

QILanEnglish.dll    unknown    Blank

QILanRussian.dll    unknown    Blank

QILanGerman.dll    unknown    Blank

QILanDanish.dll    unknown    Blank

QILanEstonian.dll    unknown    Blank

QILanHungarian.dll    unknown    Blank

QILanItalian.dll    unknown    Blank

QILanChineseCN.dll    unknown    Blank

QILanSlovak.dll    unknown    Blank

QILanDutch.dll    unknown    Blank

QuickInstaller_RT.exe    1.11.0002    Blank

QILanNorwegian.dll    unknown    Blank

QILanFrench.dll    unknown    Blank

QILanJapan.dll    unknown    Blank

QILanSpain.dll    unknown    Blank

QILanTurkish.dll    unknown    Blank

QuickInstaller_M4.exe    1.13    Blank

QABCp.exe    40132-00

QCDb.dll    40132-00

QPData.dll    Turning Technologies, LLC.

qwmi.exe    unknown    AppSoft s.a.s.

QWDVi60.dll    6.0-SP2, Build 24565    MICROS-FIDELIO

qwebi60.dll    6.0-SP2, Build 24565    MICROS-FIDELIO

qfrmi60.dll    6.0-SP2, Build 25319    MICROS-FIDELIO

Qalamdan.exe    MaryamSoft

QTSharedNET.dll    Verizon

QTWiFi.dll    Verizon

QTConnectEngine.dll    Verizon

QweryBuildericon.exe    unknown    QweryBuilder Express

QweryBuilderExpress.exe    unknown    QweryBuilder Express

qm4start.exe    3.00    Prentice-Hall

querybuilder_res_sl.dll    Crystal Query Builder

querybuilder_res_sk.dll    Crystal Query Builder

querybuilder_res_fi.dll    Crystal Query Builder

querybuilder_res_hu.dll    Crystal Query Builder

QnEGraphicsResource.dll    unknown    QnE Software Sdn. Bhd. (611852-V)

QnEGraphicsButtonResource.dll    unknown    QnE Software Sdn. Bhd. (611852-V)

QnEGraphicsCCResource.dll    unknown    QnE Software Sdn. Bhd. (611852-V)

QnEGraphicsLogoResource.dll    unknown    QnE Software Sdn. Bhd. (611852-V)

QoSTool.exe    Asknet

QoSTool.vshost.exe    10.0.30319.1    vshost.exe

Quelea.exe    0.5.4    Michael Berry

QUITCARD.EXE    3012.05.22.04    Healthsoft

QtSolutions_PropertyBrowser-2.5.dll    unknown    Autodesk

quanpSlideshow.exe    RICOH

quanpSlideshowSetting.exe    RICOH

qdelaunay.exe    unknown    University of California at San Francisco

QuickReport.exe    FLIR Systems

QuickReportStart.exe    FLIR Systems

QuatoCalibrationLoader.exe    1, 2, 3, 1    unknown

QCControls.ocx    2.05.0034    Many thanks to for the help on the Vertical Outlook-style Menu.

QCRegister.dll    1.00.0013    This Module Allows Companies to prevent their Software from being illegally copied and installed.

qt2007.exe (Build 5    Intuit Canada

qt2007ir.dll    unknown    Intuit Canada

QCScrCapture.ocx    1.00.0003    QC Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

QGantt.ocx    1, 0, 0, 2    unknown

quanto.exe    9001, 1, 3, 9    Quanto9001 è sviluppato da Antonio Iannuzzi

QuickTestRunOnceLauncher.exe    9.2.763.0    Mercury Interactive

QControl.dll    1, 0, 0, 1    unknown

QuickGammaResumeClose.exe    QuickGammaResumeClose is a helper program to shut down QuickGammaResume.

QtOpenGLP44.dll    unknown    unknown

QtScriptP44.dll    unknown    unknown

QtSqlP44.dll    unknown    unknown

QtCLuceneP44.dll    unknown    unknown

QtXmlP44.dll    unknown    unknown

QtWebKitP44.dll    unknown    unknown