hcmonver.dll    VMware, Inc.

HolographicRuntimes.dll    10.0.16299.64    Microsoft Corporation

hvloader.dll    10.0.16299.431    Microsoft Corporation

hwvidmigplugin.dll    10.0.16299.15    Microsoft Corporation

hvfSource.ax    Goldvision Inc.

hscmui.cab    N/A    N/A

HinfoAutoUpdate.exe    NHS

H-INFO.exe    1.0.4855.19754    NHS

HinfoAutoGet.exe    NHS

HinfoAutoSend.exe    NHS

HrmToFdbConverter.dll    Fekete Associates Inc.

HarmonyData.dll    Fekete Associates Inc.

HarmonyModels.dll    Fekete Associates Inc.

HarmonyUI.dll    Fekete Associates Inc.

HBUpdater.exe    2010.1.1.0    unknown

HindiOffice.exe    2.00    Hindi Office

hashtool.exe    Keylack Software

HelpersLib.XmlSerializers.dll    ZScreen

hexplorer.exe    1.00.0009    Eddy Ripert

HSF_HWB2.sys    7.39.06 built by: Wi    Conexant

HTMLReplacer.dll    YesSoftware

HIACPNet.dll    Agilent

HiaCpCom.dll    E.00.00    Agilent

hsicltsk.exe    Fri Jun 23 03:19:08 2006 on BUILDVS8, release, READY_HSICLTSK_4.1

htmlvu.exe    Agilent

httpdmsd.exe    unknown    Agilent

hlpbrowse.exe    MuPAD(TM) Pro Help Browser, Version 2.5

hlpbrowseres.dll    MuPAD(TM) Pro Help Browser, Version 2.5

hydra2.dll    unknown    Team V.R

hopster.exe    1, 0, 0, 17    http://www.hopster.com/

HHUManager.exe    Secure International Holdings Pte. Ltd.

haushalt6.exe    1.00    http://www.stanfield.org

HookDriver_tb30.dll    unknown    unknown

hpid.exe    3.1.23    HP Instant Delivery

hpidrmdb.exe    3.1.23    HP Instant Delivery

hpiddb.exe    3.1.23    HP Instant Delivery

hpiddde.exe    3.1.23    HP Instant Delivery

HDW.exe    Open Text Corporation

hpidfind.exe    3.1.23    HP Instant Delivery

humprddw.dll    Open Text Corporation

hpidhtml.exe    3.1.8    HP Instant Delivery

hpidlog.exe    3.1.23    HP Instant Delivery

humt13dw.dll    13.0.1300.212    Open Text Corporation

HD2-T-64.exe    3, 3, 6, 1    Handy-FAQ

hpidprtr.exe    3.1.8    HP Instant Delivery

hpidview.exe    unknown    unknown

hpidpspr.exe    unknown    unknown

hanhook_192.dll    1, 0, 0, 1    SafeFOLDER

HandBrake.Server.exe    An application that decouples libhb from the UI.

heidenhain430.dll    unknown    unknown

Holder.dll    Niko Rosvall

Hybrid.exe    2012.07.04.1    Selur´s Hybrid

HistoryView.exe    1.37    MiniIE.com

Heist.exe    1, 0, 0, 1    unknown

hmgwxkx.exe    unknown

Hierophant.exe    AHA! Software Inc.

HTBitmapDLL.dll    unknown    Hemera Technologies Inc.

httplink_run.exe    ROMICO

HlpSE.exe    unknown    unknown

HitmanContracts-Rus.exe    1, 0, 0, 165    unknown

hpcc3111.dll    Sun Microsystems, Inc.

HMBlackBoxPlayer.exe    Orion Technology


HaloteaLite.exe    Mirolit Software

HeliumAudioRipper.exe    Imploded Software

Hex_Viewer.exe    unknown    unknown

httpb.dll    2, 2, 0, 0    HttpBanner Internet Access Module 2.20 for Schedule Board 3.17-

hubschemes.dll    TA Hydronics SA

hydronicpics.dll    TA Hydronics SA

hk64tbFre0.dll    Freecorder

hktbFre0.dll    Freecorder

HnkMk4.exe    4, 0, 0, 2    HnkMk4

HnkMk4Sup.dll    4, 0, 0, 2    HnkMk4_Sup

HikFormatConvertDll.dll    unknown    CMS Client

HddSerial.dll    1.00    iStock Systems (P) Ltd.

HwBtnMsg.exe    unknown    Atheros

HwBtnSvc.exe    unknown    Atheros

Hex2srec.exe    unknown    FANUC

HUBB.exe    unknown

hpdupdbh.exe    1.0.1552.28970   

HKTools.exe    http://www.htmlkit.com/tools/

HERO.EXE    unknown    3DMGAME

HexCalc.exe    2.50    HomeSoft Software

htinstall.exe    1, 0, 7, 1    TMeter Software

htremove.exe    1, 0, 0, 1    TMeter Software

homeDVD-Movies4.exe    4, 0, 4, 0    MAGIX Movies on CD DVD 4.0

hesParsing.dll    Cardioline S.p.A.

HolterPilotBridge.dll    unknown    Cardioline S.p.A.

HEVCCore.dll    Elecard

HEVC_Player.exe    Elecard HEVC Player Sample — is a freeware product developed by Elecard. It enables playback of str