PCMBalance.dll    (주)에이온미디어

PowerSecurities.exe    unknown

PsWeb.exe    unknown    unknown

PowerShellInside.PowerShellServer.Commands.dll    5.0.4482.0    PowerShell Server V5

points220.exe    2.02    Игра Точки

PowerShellServer.exe    5.0.4482.0    PowerShell Server V5

PenguinPuzzle.exe    1, 0, 0, 1    Zylom Games

PenguinPuzzle.dll    1, 0, 0, 1    Zylom Games

passwordsafe.exe    1, 0, 0, 1    WB Electronics ApS

PFCHidReportsForVB.dll    3, 0, 0, 43    Version Support dynamic Enumeration and Removal of PFC HID devices.

pdfo.dll    unknown    VeryPDF.com Inc

PostProcessing.exe    Multiple Access Communications Ltd

PacketBuilder.exe    2, 2, 0, 0    Packet builder for Windows

PatMob.exe    R17.01.02    Motorola

PTerm.exe    unknown    Sophos

Partner2007Ver933toVer934.exe    unknown    Softline Pastel

PastelPOSV9.exe    9.03.0003    Softline Pastel

Partner2005.exe    8.01.0008    Pastel Partner 2005

Partner2007.exe    9.03.0004    Pastel Partner 2007

Partner2007Ver931toVer933.exe    unknown    Softline Pastel

pptto3dpageflip.exe    3dPageFlip Solution

Psprt35.exe    unknown    unknown

PDFUtils.dll    unknown    IPRO Tech, Inc.

PdfVerifier.exe    1.00    IPRO Tech, Inc.

Pligg.exe    Soma Investimentos - Serviço De Voz Digital

PCRE76.dll    Zugg Software

plaf_x86.dll    Initial Build

PlogueBidule.exe    0.9729    unknown

PlogueBiduleRewireDevice.dll    unknown

PeekPage.ocx    1.00.0048    Michael H. Shacter

PaletteCreator.exe    6, 0, 0, 1    unknown

PC_RU.dll    1, 0, 0, 1    unknown

PaletteDesigner.exe    1, 0, 0, 1    unknown

PdRu.dll    1, 0, 0, 1    unknown

pcnt2.exe    1.4.510.0    ООО Медицинские компьютерные системы

PicShowXControl1.dll    unknown    Guangming Software, Inc.

PackAssistant.exe    1, 5, 0, 0    mebiusbox software

PackClassify.exe    1, 1, 0, 0    mebiusbox software

PREFAX.DLL    unknown    BVRP Software

PrevisionFlash.exe    RCA

perfAccess.dll    Borland Software Corporation

perfBexScanner.dll    Borland Software Corporation

PrfMgr.exe    3.7.1    Bloorview Kids Rehab

perfLibeay.dll    0.9.8a    Borland Software Corporation

perfBdlScanner.dll    Borland Software Corporation

perfEncoding.dll    Maps charset name to codepage

perfBexScannerBridge.dll    Borland Software Corporation

perfSsleay.dll    0.9.8a    Borland Software Corporation

perfSTBridge.dll    SilkTest launcher for TLE

perfVersion.dll    Borland Software Corporation

perfZZZ.dll    Silk zLib zip library

perfStrConverter.exe    Borland Software Corporation

perfAppLaunch.dll    DLL for AppLaunchLib

perfUtilsBridge.dll    Borland Software Corporation and Micro Focus (IP) Limited

perfCommDll.dll    Borland Software Corporation and Micro Focus (IP) Limited

perfMessages.dll    Borland Software Corporation and Micro Focus (IP) Limited

perfTruelog.dll    Borland Software Corporation and Micro Focus (IP) Limited

ProxyEngine.dll    Borland Software Corporation and Micro Focus (IP) Limited

perfCrypter.dll    DLL for AppLaunchLib

pdcore16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdamv16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pddtb16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pddtd16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdfrm16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdglm16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdcdo16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdedit16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdgen16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdgrid16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdiam16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdmdd16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdips16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdpdo16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdshell16.exe    Sybase PowerDesigner Shell Launcher

pdlayout16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdsym16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdldm16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdprj16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdtmv16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdlegacyshell16.exe    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdmxpt16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdwsp16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdobj16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdrep16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdxmi16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdlib16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdrpt16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdpdm16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdrmg16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.

pdrqm16.dll    unknown    Sybase Inc.