pgmapi.dll    unknown    unknown

pgmjava.dll    unknown    unknown

PlayerMate.exe    wo99

ParserDll.dll    unknown    SharpPlus Software, Corp.

PBitmapDll.dll    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

Pepco32d.ocx    6, 0, 0, 62    GE Intelligent Platforms

PCMUtility.exe    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

PipeStyleOcxRes.dll    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

PictureConverter.exe    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

Pepso32d.ocx    6, 0, 0, 58    GE Intelligent Platforms

PCMUtilityRes.dll    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

Pesgo32d.ocx    6, 0, 0, 60    GE Intelligent Platforms

PictureConverterDll.dll    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

PNLWATCH.EXE    1.78    5/8/2003;6/17/2003;10/22/2004;3/8/2007

PCMHistory.exe    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

Pe3do32d.ocx    6, 0, 0, 58    GE Intelligent Platforms

PObjectDll.dll    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

PictureConverterDllRes.dll    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

ProficyPortalControl.ocx    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

Pego32d.ocx    6, 0, 0, 60    GE Intelligent Platforms

PAddressDll.dll    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

ProficyPortalControlRes.dll    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

PictureConverterRes.dll    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

PCMHistoryRes.dll    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

PStringDll.dll    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

PipeStyleOcx.ocx    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

PTimeDll.dll    5.1.6846.0    GE Intelligent Platforms

ProficyAlarmAlerter.exe    02.00.0000.00232    GE Fanuc

ProficyAlarmAlerterCommon.dll    02.00.0000.00232    GE Fanuc

ProficyAlarmAlerterConfig.exe    02.00.0000.00232    The Proficy Alarm Alerter monitors OPC AE (Alarm and Events) data received from configured OPC AE da

PRX.dll    TREI GmbH

ProficyAlarmAlerterConfigPath.exe    02.00.0000.00232    GE Fanuc

PBC.dll    TREI GmbH

phoa2d.exe    unknown    unknown

pso_w_printer.dll    unknown    unknown

PgMDD.exe    Database Designer for PostgreSQL is an easy CASE tool

pg_dump-8.3.8.dll    8.3.8    MicroOLAP Technologies Ltd.

pg_dump-8.2.14.dll    8.2.14    MicroOLAP Technologies Ltd.

pg_restore-8.2.14.dll    8.2.14    MicroOLAP Technologies Ltd.

pg_restore-8.3.8.dll    8.3.8    MicroOLAP Technologies Ltd.

PortsPane.dll    1.00    unknown

pbbwizard.dll    4.03.0496.0000    PBB Wizard BLL Plugin

P1Upgrade.exe    4.03.0496.0000    Spirent Communications

phxrpc.dll    unknown    Spirent Communications

pppox.dll    4.03.0496.0000    PPPoX BLL Plugin

ProcTracker.exe    unknown    unknown

ProcTrackerClient.dll    unknown    unknown

PXID3lib.dll    3.8.3    ID3lib is a library for tagging mp3s with ID3v1 or ID3v2 tags

PingTaisWizard.exe    unknown    TOSHIBA CORPORATION

pololu-cp2102-setup-x86.exe    2.1    Pololu Corporation

ProStack.dll    5, 0, 0, 0    unknown

PVT.ocx    5.00    unknown

PivotTb.dll    5, 0, 0, 0    unknown

portd64.sys    5.2.3668.0    CMS Products, Inc.


pumpflo.exe    7.1a    Engineered Software

PPATCHER.EXE    3.60.0609    unknown

PeaVerify.exe    TAX for Windows-98,Windows-NT

PIOWIN.exe    TAX for Windows-98,Windows-NT

PrnSettings.exe    Black Ice Software LLC

PTVIRepositoryCmn.dll    V19.01.2030    RSLogix 5000 Industrial Programming Software for Windows 2000/XP/Vista and the Allen-Bradley Logix50

PC_gpib39.dll    unknown    Agilent Technologies

PC_hpib39.dll    unknown    Agilent Technologies

pdkbuilderplugin39.dll    unknown    Agilent Technologies

ppscheck.exe    2, 0, 34, 0    Written By Kevin Tambascio

plugin_manager39.dll    unknown    Agilent Technologies

PhysUtlPro39.dll    unknown    Agilent Technologies

pw_supplied39.dll    unknown    Agilent Technologies

pvm339.dll    unknown    Agilent Technologies

python_scripting_shared.dll    unknown    Agilent Technologies

pll32.exe    unknown    Agilent Technologies, Inc

pspice10.exe    unknown    Agilent Technologies

pspice16.exe    unknown    Agilent Technologies

pspice8.exe    unknown    Agilent Technologies

psptk69.dll    unknown    Agilent Technologies

plugin_manager69.dll    unknown    Agilent Technologies

ProfilesOption.exe    2.6    HP

Protector.wrp.exe    unknown    Alawar Entertainment Inc.

piswincs.exe    3.2005.805    unknown

PZJC.dll    unknown    Foxconn

pawcom290.dll    2.09.0100    Release 2.9.0 - 3/7/2007

PagosEnLinea.dll    1.00.0    Aspel

png2bmpcaja.dll    unknown    Aspel

POUSupport.dll    1.11.4118.1935    RTAC

PictureButton.dll    1.11.4118.1935    RTAC

pacparser.exe    unknown    Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

ProViewNXGCCS.exe    CCS.Shell for ProView NXG CCS Suite

pg_eae.exe    unknown    Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

PhotohomeDesigner.exe    Tessier Ashpool

plc4_64.dll    4.7.1    MKS Inc.