sisbkup.dll    Single-Instance Store Backup Support Functions 单实例存储备份支持功能.

mxport.dll    Advantech Port Configuration Library / Windows多端口串行适配器相关文件.

hfrdzx.dll    属于木马病毒文件.

redirexe.exe    REDIREXE

sbs_microsoft.jscript.dll    Microsoft .NET Framework Setup

ntlmauth.dll    NTLM Authenticator plugin for RealMedia® RealNetworks NTLM Authen..

dirview.dll    Dir View Com

weather.dll    QQ2009

iebuddyproxy.dll    Kingsoft Anti-Spyware IEBuddyProxy

pnrpsvc.dll    PNRP Service Dll  PNRP 服务

dnscmmc.dll    DNS Client MMC Snap-in DLL / DNS客户端MMC管理单元DLL

documentperformanceevents.dll    Documents and Printing Performance Events 文档和打印性能事件

mxup.exe    MxUp

ACE32.EXE    ACE32 executable ACE archiver for 32bit MS-Windows systems

Airc.exe    Airc.exe

mtsinst.exe    Delphi

dfwedit.DLL    Delphi

Aimingclick.exe    AimingClick Module

Ahttp.exe    Ahttp.exe

MsnMsgr.Exe    Windows Live Messenger

javaws.exe    Java(TM) Web Start Launcher

TouchX.dll    Microsoft Tablet PC Touch Input Component

InstDrive.exe    InstDrive.exe

godhpffe.dll    木马文件,建议立即删除


mcuclt.dll    Media control center client access component 媒体控制中心客户端访问组件

rty.exe    rty.exe

certmgr.msc    certmgr.msc

FlashAvatarDll.dll    FlashAvatarDll DLL

comexp.exe    comexp.exe

Tunga.ttf    Tunga.ttf

cablib.dll    CAB Compression/Extraction

xjis.nls    xjis.nls

MSACC.OLB    Microsoft Access Object Library

c_1026.nls    IBM EBCDIC - 土耳其语 (拉丁-5)

Ramphantomutility.exe    RamPhantomUtility - RamPhantomUtility File extensions..

Raspppoe.exe    PPP over Ethernet Protocol Installer and Dial-Up Connection Setup A..

Rccdyctl.dll    rccdyctl.dll

Rcscheduler.exe    CleanMyPC Scheduler - CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner - CleanMyPC So..

Readxmlfile.exe    readxmlfile.exe - Microsoft® QuickStart Tutorials - Microsoft C..

Realtekacc.exe    realtekacc.exe - Project1 - Microsoft Co. File extens..

Regenie.exe    Registry Genie: Registry Editor - Norton CleanSweep - Symantec ..

Rem009.ocx    Consulta Liquidaci?n

Renrou.exe    renrou.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (..

Repairwizard.exe    TuneUp Repair Wizard - TuneUp Utilities - TuneUp Software GmbH ..

Repeater.exe    R?p?titeur pour UltraVNC - distributer - ..

Reserve.exe    reserve.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable ..

Restoredesktop.dll    Restore Desktop DLL Module

Rgtndz.dll    rgtndz.dll

Rhyfeelx.ocx    RhyFeelX ActiveX Control Module

Ringjack.exe    Ringjacker Product name:  Ringjacker

Rl.exe    rl.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (prog..

Rlava.exe    rlava.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (p..

Rmwnw64r.exe    System File - Browser Driver File extensions exe : Th..

Room.exe    ???? - - UU???????? File extensions exe : The EXE ex..

Aodialer.exe    Arcor-Online Dialer Version 5.006 f

Roxliveshare.exe    Roxio LiveShare Service - CommonSDK - Sonic Solutions ..

Rsi_gest.vbs    rsi_gest.vbs

Ruckus.exe    Ruckus Player - Ruckus File extensions exe : The EXE ..

Runupd.exe    RunUpd - TODO: - Gigabyte File extensions exe : The ..