qosname.dll    Microsoft Windows GetQosByName 服务提供程序

lopdfeab.dll    属于木马病毒文件.

fdwsd.dll    Function Discovery WS Discovery Provider Dll

quicktimeauthoringlocalized.dll    QuickTime Authoring

cook.dll    RealNetworks Cooker G2 Audio Codec

rmxfpln.dll    RMX File Format plugin for RealMedia

kbdcz.dll    Czech Keyboard Layout 捷克 键盘布局

kbdhe319.dll    Greek IBM 319 Keyboard Layout 希腊的IBM 319键盘布局

ehskb.dll    Media Center On-Screen Keyboard 媒体中心屏幕键盘

compatprovider.dll    DISM Compat Provider / DISM 兼容提供程序

xpsfilt.dll    XML Paper Specification Document IFilter

fvecpl.dll    BitLocker Drive Encryption control panel / BitLocker 驱动器加密控制面板

avwsc.exe    WSC Helper Tool

ThemeMgr.exe    Theme Manager 该软件配合你的其它桌面增强功能从同一个用户界面应用换肤、主题、图标软件包..

msconv97.dll    Microsoft Conversion Library

intlname.dll    Microsoft Office 2003 component

vgreader.dll    VGReader.dll

7z.dll    7z Standalone Plugin

B4ImMain.dll    B4ImMain.dll

w95inf16.dll    WExtract 16bit Library

winsp.ime    中文 (简体) - 双拼 Chinese (Simplified) - ShuangPin 双拼输入法 5.0 版

SiteMapMaker.exe    SiteMap Maker 网站地图生成器

CCC.exe    ATI催化剂控制中心,它是ATI视频卡驱动程序的一部分

Loader.dll    GameLoad Dynamic Link Library

F210.dll    F210.DLL

3dldemon.exe    Video Overlay helper demon 显示卡相关程序。

wdmaud.sys    MMSYSTEM Wave/Midi API mapper


QQLive.dll    QQLive.dll

zntport.sys    zntport.sys

zgdragdrop.dll    Drag and drop dll

Ramicro_toolbar.dll    RA-MICRO IE Toolbar Engine

Ratbnpi.dll    ratbnpi.dll

Ratbspi.dll    ratbspi.dll

Rdashare.dll    This is the ePower Lifecycle Engine Active Access Share Module

Rec9158.ocx    Record9158 ActiveX Control Module

Riscomet.exe    RisComet - a BitTorrent Client - RisComet - www.torris.to.pl ..

Regclean.exe    RegClean - Windows Registry Analysis and Correction Utility - Mic..

Regtlibv12.exe    Visual Studio RegTLib - Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 - Micros..

Rei_loaduptimer.exe    REI_LoadUpTimer.exe File extensions exe : The EXE exe..

Relayp.ocx    WebVPN Relay Loader

Restoredesktop.exe    RestoreDesktop Executable - Kanex RestoreDesktop - Kanex Group,..

Revo51task.exe    RevoTaskbarApp - RevoTask - Avid Technology, Inc. Fil..

Rfltadxp.sys    rfltadxp.sys

Rlwnw64l.exe    rlwnw64l.exe - Project1 - Microsoft File extensions e..

Rodqgpvlslx.dll    rodqgpvlslx.dll

Rosetta_beta_5.90_windows_intelx86.exe    rosetta_beta_5.90_windows_intelx86.exe File extension..

Rqdsrngj.exe    System File - Browser Driver File extensions exe : Th..

Rssaggregator.exe    File extensions exe : The EXE executable (program) file An exe..

Rsync.exe    rsync  version 2.6.9  protocol version 29 Copyright (C) 199..

Rtdict.exe    Browser MFC Application - Browser Application File ex..

Ramdsk.sys    RAMDisk

Raspti.sys    PTI DirectParallel(R) mini-port/call

Rtl8180.sys    Realtek RTL8180 NDIS5.1 miniport driver

Appwrdnt.sys    AirPrime PC Card OHCI Power Control Driver

Anetg.sys    Driver for Wireless Network Adapter - Wireless Network Adapter ..

Afaswebfileuploader.dll    Afas Web File Uploader - Profit - AFAS B.V. Filetype : D..

Aegisserver.exe    Aegis Library - Aegis Server 1.1.6 - Meetinghouse Data Communicati..

Alertdrv.sys    Alert-Thread Driver 2.0

Adwarealert.exe    C-NetMedia Spyware Cleaner - AdwareAlert - C-NetMedia Fi..