opengl32.dll    OpenGL Client DLL / OpenGL 客户端库文件 DLL / 用于 OpenGL 图形渲染加速.

wmipdfs.dll    WMI DFS Provider

gpscript.exe    Group Policy Script Application

rmactivate_ssp.exe    Windows Rights Management Services Activation for Server Security Proc..

sllua.exe    Software Licensing Admin Access Provider

wsmanmigrationplugin.dll    WinRM Migration Plugin

kbdur1.dll    Ukrainian (Enhanced) Keyboard Layout 乌克兰(增强型)键盘布局

iscsiwmi.dll    MS iSCSI Initiator WMI Provider

inkobj.dll    Microsoft Tablet PC Ink Platform Component平台组件 Windows 平板电脑 相关文..

shapecollector.exe    Personalize Handwriting Recognition UI 个性化手写识别用户界面

spidersolitaire.exe    Executable for Spider Solitaire Game 蜘蛛纸牌游戏可执行文件

tstheme.exe        TSTheme Server Module

nshipsec.dll    Net Shell IP Security helper DLL 网络外壳 IP 安全帮助程序 DLL

gcieynld.dll    gcieynld.dll

vgplayer.dll    VGPlayer.dll

Ahfivrcbry.exe    Ahfivrcbry.exe

Agenty~1.ocx    AgentReal ActiveX Control Module

Agente.exe    Agente.exe

Ardrv.sys    Chart recorder kernel-mode driver

xmpplayer.dll    迅雷看看播放器

setdebug.exe    Microsoft® ActiveX Debugger Configuration Application for Java

clspack.exe    Class Package Export Tool

202589.exe    木马:Trojan/Win32.Agent.cpmt


ypsr.exe    Yahoo! Anti-Spy Application

wrservices.dll    WRServices Engine

wldmlres.dll    Intel(R) PRO/Wireless base driver install and uninstall 32 bit applica..

c_1146.nls    IBM EBCDIC - 英国(20285 + Euro)

c_1252.nls    ANSI - 拉丁文 I

Radacctd.exe    radacctd

Ramblertoolbaru5090.dll    Rambler Assistant Module

Rddv1022.dll    Roland Corporation

Rdiconverterservice.exe    RDI Document Conversion Helper - Web Visuals - Web Visuals ..

R-driveimagecl.exe    r-driveimagecl.exe File extensions exe : The EXE exec..

Realplayer_config.exe    realplayer_config.exe File extensions exe : The EXE e..

Reg32.exe    reg32.exe - Reg32 - Husdawg Communications, LLC File ..

Rejobcon.exe    Remote Job Control - Rejobcon Applicazione - OSRA S.p.A. ..

Rem.exe    rem.exe - LAB1.DE File extensions exe : The EXE exec..

Renderslave.exe    Fusion Render Slave - Fusion Render Slave 5.1 - eyeon Software ..

Reportviewer.exe    IExpress Setup - Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2005 -..

Rfagent.exe    Registry First Aid Platinum Agent, the easy powerful registry clean..

Rinsins.exe    rinsins.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable ..

Rmchamp.dll    rmchamp.dll

Rmserver.exe    Remote Control for Win32 - Remote Control 4.0 - Emulex Corporat..

Rnremoveexpiredd.exe    rnremoveexpiredd.exe File extensions exe : The EXE ex..

Robocopymonitor.exe    robocopymonitor.exe File extensions exe : The EXE exe..

Rorshellfr.dll    rorshellfr.dll

Roxliveshare10.exe    Roxio LiveShare Service - CommonSDK - Sonic Solutions ..

Rqrjyoif.dll    rqRJYOiF.dll

Rqrkevmf.dll    rqrkevmf.dll

Rs_service.exe    Raw Socket Service - Acer Video Conference Manager - Acer Inc. ..

Rstate.exe    iPass EPM Agent - iPass Endpoint Policy Management - iPass Inc...

Rtmpack.exe    RTMPACK.EXE

Regkill.sys    Elby Delay Lower Filter Driver

Rig3usb.sys    Native Instruments USB Audio Device Driver

Rndismpx.sys    Remote NDIS Miniport

Rtjyro.sys    rtjyro.sys

Rttfsfilt.sys    R-TT File System Filter

Abasedrv.sys    Antiy Labs MsgHook Device

Aexnsadmincontext.dll    Altiris eXpress NS Admin Context - Altiris eXpress Notification Serv..