es1371mp.sys    ENSONIQ AudioPCI 97 WDM Audio Miniport Windows自带的 声卡驱动 相关文件.

sqlmangr.exe    SQL Server Service Manager

apilogen.dll    API Tracing Log Engine / API跟踪日志引擎

duser.dll    Windows DirectUser Engine 添加或删除模块需要这个文件.

termsrv.dll    Remote Desktop Server Remote Connections Manager 远程桌面服务器 远程连接管理..

certpoleng.dll    Certificate Policy Engine 证书策略引擎

fvewiz.dll    BitLocker Drive Encryption Wizard / BitLocker 驱动器加密向导

rctext.dll    Avira AntiVir Premium Master Resource File (English) 下载地址2    RealMedia Decoder 解码器

agt0c0a.dll    Microsoft Agent International Dll 西班牙语(国际) Windows 助手 相关文件

overtute.hta    Windows 平板电脑 相关文件.

avmeter.dll    Messsteuerung

ttsapp.exe    ttsapp.exe

Agentsvc.exe    Secure Resolutions Anti-CyberCrime

iismap.dll    Windows IIS 相关文件.

wlmail.exe    Windows Live Mail

h263core.dll    解码器相关文件

bopomofo.uce    bopomofo.uce

svcext.dll    Services IISAdmin Extension DLL

mdmgen.inf    This is the INF file for modems supported using generic command set in..

adui16.dll    adui DLL

nwapi16.dll    NW Windows/Dos API DLL

INTL_95.DLL    HawkEye(TM) 95 Control Panel File

xfaconnectionsetproxy.dll    XML Form Architecture's XFA ConnectionSet Proxy Library

wkslang.dll    Microsoft Works pour Windows Langue DLL

Rdcommon.dll    RDGCOMMON Language Monitor DLL for NT

Rdsmidnt.dll    rdsmidnt.dll

Realtime.exe    Malware Scan RealTime Protection realtime.exe是PC Doctor相关程序。该程序..

Redgate.sqlprompt.trayapp.exe    SQL Prompt TrayApp - SQL Prompt - Red Gate Software Ltd ..

Reg1aid.exe    Registry First Aid Platinum, the easy powerful registry cleanup pro..

Registryrepairmaster.exe    Registry Repair Master - Registry Repair Master - PCGasStation...

Regscrubxp.exe    REGSCRUBXP MFC Application - REGSCRUBXP Application F..

Repad.exe    repad.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (p..

Reqanghp.dll    reqanghp.dll

Rhcecnj0elcv.exe    rhcecnj0elcv.exe File extensions exe : The EXE execut..

Amguardcbk.exe    ARP?

Rkiwrtk.exe    RKiwrtK Application - RKiwrtK Application - PFU LIMITED ..

Rmsvc.exe    MCRD RM Service - Microsoft® Windows® Operating System - Micros..

Roxioupnpservice9.exe    Roxio UPnP Service 9 - CommonSDK - Sonic Solutions Fi..

Rqrjysqr.dll    rqrjysqr.dll

Rqrkcurq.dll    rqrkcurq.dll

Appstse.exe    TODO:

Rssql_comp_storer.exe    rssql_comp_storer.exe - RSSql - Rockwell Software, Inc. ..

Rtesmsshellex.dll    Visualiseur de document FCD

Rtkcpfxp.sys    RTKCPFXP.SYS

Rtlservice.exe    RtlService MFC Application  无线网卡驱动相关

Ruby.exe    Ruby interpreter (CUI) 1.9.2p0 [x64-mswin64_100]

Run_once.exe    Elevated Rights Tool - Systems Management Server - Microsoft Co..

Rw330ext32.dll    Ricoh WIA Scanner UI Extension DLL

Rapkrnl.sys    DVRaptor Windows NT Kernel Driver

Regdrv.sys    RegDrv

Rffsd.sys    rffsd.sys

Autoup.exe    AutoUp Microsoft ?

Angel.sys    Emuzed, Inc. Angel WDM Driver

Alsysio64.sys    ALSysIO64 - ALSysIO64 - Arthur Liberman Filetype : drive..

Aliperf.sys    ALi Disk Performance Driver - Windows (R) 2000 DDK driver - Window..

Alimsif.sys    ALi PCI to Memory Stick I/F Controller - ALi Memory Stick Driver -..

Aec6880.sys    AEC6880/90 PCI Ultra ATA133 RAID Adapter Driver - Acard® AEC-6880/90..

Adwatcher.exe    Active Directory Watcher - ADwatcher - Tenshi Technologies ..

Adverifieradp.dll    Module de v?rification de signature AdSignerADP - AdVerifierADP Modu..