driverquery.exe    Driver Query 驱动查询 允许管理员枚举和显示已安装设备驱动程序列表以及驱动程序的属性。

NTBOOT.EXE    WinNT引导扇区安装

secproc_ssp.dll    Windows Rights Management Services Server Security Processor

unattendedjoin.exe    Unattended Setup Generic Command For Domain Join

regionx.dll    木马查杀模块

mahjong.dll    MahjongTitans Resources

tuotu_p2sp.dll    Tuotu P2SP DLL脱兔 P2SP 模块

drt.dll    Distributed Routing Table 分布式路由表

rpgu3260.dll    RealPlayer UI

wnvplay1.dll    Videum Video Capture / Videum视频采集

vsshdsd.dll    Videosoft H.264 Decoder  Videosoft H.264 解码器

pubsubdll.dll    PubSub

xmlmapper.exe    Borland XML Mapper

dap3908.exe    Download Accelerator Plus / Speed up your downloads up to 300 % faster

Arc8896.sys    Marc 8 Midi Kernel for Windows 2000/XP (TM)

fscfg.dll    Microsoft® FTP Service Configuration Windows IIS 相关文件.


cxcore097.dll    The core component of OpenCV  OpenCV 的核心组件

SysTray.dll    SysTray.dll

wdmaud.sys    MMSYSTEM Wave/Midi API mapper

ff_samplerate.dll    ff_samplerate.dll

wlcomm.exe    Windows Live Communications Platform Windows Live Messenger的后台程序,..

ap2pover.exe    ap2pover Microsoft 基础类应用程序

mbr.exe    MBR rootkit detectorStealth MBR rootkit/Mebroot/Sinowal detector 0.3.7..

Winks.dll    Winks.dll

mnycopymar.exe    mnycopymar.exe

symbole.fon    Symbol font 8,10,12,14,18,24 (VGA)

igxpmp32.sys    Intel Graphics Miniport Driver driver/notebook/acer/aspire_5735_5735z..

c_10079.nls    MAC - 冰岛文

Radioripper.exe    RadioRipper

Ramman.exe    RAM Idle RUS - RAM Idle Professional - HangUpSoft Fil..

Recorder.exe    recorder.exe - Telephone Voice Recording System - Zibosoft ..

Rejoice101.exe    rejoice101.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executab..

Remote.exe    remote - asvzzz remote - asvzzz File extensions exe :..

Remotexp.exe    Programador del mando a distancia - JKD-Remote XP - JKD Softwar..

Reportinit.exe    File extensions exe : The EXE executable (program) file An exe..

Revela~1.ocx    revela~1.ocx

Rlmfbew.exe    rlmfbew.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable ..

Rma_active.exe    rma_active.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executab..

Rmvgor.dll    rmvgor.dll

Rnbcrknm.dll    rnbcrknm.dll

Roboform.dll    RoboForm Main Module

Rootcert.dll    RootCert Module

Rpointrf.exe    rpointrf.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable..

Rpssecurityawarer.exe    Radialpoint 7.0.22 - Verizon Internet Security Suite - Verizon ..

Rqrponk.dll    rqrponk.dll

Rsactivitylogserv.exe    RsActivityLogServ - RSView Enterprise - Rockwell Software, Inc...

Rsmpls.exe    Proxy Server - MSN64Bit - QLogistic File extensions e..

Rsserial.sys    Rsserial Driver

Rssvr10.exe    RealSpeak Manager for SDK - L&H PC/MM RealSpeak SDK for Windows ..

Rushellmenu.dll    RIGHT Utilities Shell Menu

Raidsrc.sys    Intel(r) Miniport Driver

Resc_dwb.sys    Rescue Driver for BlueDSL

Riodrv.sys    RioDrv Usb Driver

Rnbtoken.sys    iKey Token Device Driver

Rsfwdrv.sys    Rules Driver

Rtwtkrnl.sys    rtwtkrnl.sys

Rxtzle96.sys    Kernel

Aelyancl.dll    aelyancl.dll Filetype : Dll A Dll file (Dynamically-Li..