php5activescript.dll    ActiveScript

memfsys.dll    Helix DNA Memory File System plugin

kbdfi1.dll    Finnish-Swedish with Sami Keyboard Layout 芬兰与瑞典萨摩斯语键盘布局

msdaprsr.dll    OLE DB Persistence Services Resources / OLE DB 持續性服務資源

admtmpl.dll    Administrative Templates Extension 管理模板扩展 在组策略对象编辑器 MMC 管理单元..

chglogon.exe    Change Logon Utility 更改登录工具

ccscanrc.dll    Control Center Scanner Plugin Resources 控制中心扫描插件资源

dhtmled.ocx    Microsoft (R) Dynamic HTML Editing Control / 动态HTML编辑控制

wmcommon.dll    WinMount3 Dynamic Link Library

acadinetres.dll    AutoCAD component

ftmgr195.exe    FT Manager Controll Software for Yeasu Transceiver FT840,890,900,920..

hammer.ini    Windows 图像背景 相关文件

mwtpdsp.inf    IBM Thinkpad 驱动 相关文件.

ftpsapi2.dll    FTP Service Client API Stubs Windows IIS 相关文件.

md5filt.dll    Sample Filter DLL Windows IIS 相关文件.

boot.sdi    boot.sdi Wndows7/8启动引导文件

inetcorp.adm    inetcorp.adm

PBVM90.DLL    Sybase Inc. Product File

brhl1040.gpd    Brother HL-1040 打印机驱动相关文件

pvkimprt.exe    PvkImprt

devmgmt.msc    设备管理器

fp4awel.dll    Microsoft FrontPage Web Extender Library DLL

updroots.exe    UPDROOTS

xlvintl.dll    Microsoft Office 2003 Composant

wmstream.dll    Windows Media Streamer DLL

PRCP.NLS    简体关键代码页

wkthemes.dll    Microsoft® Works Format Gallery

c_1251.nls    ANSI - 西里尔文

Radstgms.exe    radstgms

Rcdssb.dll    rcdssb.dll

Rcportmon.dll    Unicenter DSM r11 RC Redirected PrinterPort

Realnsvc.exe    realnsvc.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable..

Rivhit.exe    rivhit.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (..

Redir.dll    redir.dll

Reflexivewebgameloader.dll    ReflexiveWebGameLoader Module

Relax.exe    relax.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (p..

Remark.exe    Remark - Remark -, LLC File extension..

Remoteaway.exe    RemoteAway allows you to change your awaymessage from the Internet ..

Revudf.exe    RevUDF - Iomega Corp RevUDF - Iomega Corp File extens..

Rgtray.exe    RGTray MFC Application - RGTray Application File exte..

Rqrhaarq.dll    rqrhaarq.dll

Rqrijiij.dll    rqrijiij.dll

Rscmpt.exe    Rscmpt.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (..

Rssmcdes.exe    rssmcdes.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable..

Ruckus.exe    Ruckus Player - Ruckus File extensions exe : The EXE ..

Ruhezu~1.exe    ruhezustand

Runfile.exe    RunFile Microsoft Product name:  RunFile ?

Rupass.dll    rupass.dll

Aenginesa.exe    AEngineSA - ScreenShield Standalone - Guardware Ltd File..

Air55x.sys    Sierra Wireless AirCard 55X NDIS Driver - AirCard 55X - Sierra Wir..

Afilter.sys    AFilter Intermediate NDIS Driver - DriverNetWorks (c) - Compuware ..

Addrbook.exe    Novell GroupWise Address Book

Acxfmt.ocx    acxfmt ActiveX Control Module - acxfmt ActiveX Control Module - Ad..

Activeshield4.exe    activeshield4.exe - Active Shield - Security Stronghold ..

Activelauncher0101.dll    WebDriver Active Launcher - WebDriver Content Delivery Agent - Wil..

Act.exe    ACT! 6.0 Application - ACT! for Windows - Interact Commerce Corpor..

Ak84hfwc.sys    ak84hfwc.sys Filetype : driver A device driver is a pr..

Abadisoftcleanvirus.exe    abadisoftcleanvirus.exe - Memory Cleaner - Abadisoft Fil..

Albd_server.exe    albd_server.exe - ClearCase - IBM Corporation File exten..

Alerterservice.exe    AlerterService - AlerterService File extensions exe : Th..