MYINS.EXE    7-Zip

raac.dll    Helix DNA RealAudio AAC Format -- the standard-compatible solution.

asferror.dll    ASF Error Definitions  ASF 错误定义

gpedit.dll    GPEdit

emdmgmt.dll    ReadyBoost Service

kbdbu.dll    Bulgarian (Typewriter) Keyboard Layout 保加利亚(打字机)键盘布局

xlipc.dll    XLIPC Module

msado20.tlb    ActiveX Data Objects 2.0 Type Library

powershell.exe    Windows PowerShell

sppc.dll    Software Licensing Client Dll 软件授权客户端 DLL

eventcls.dll    Microsoft® Volume Shadow Copy Service event class

memdiag.dll    Memory Tester Enhancement 内存测试程序增强

lcodccmp.dll    LEAD MCMP/MJPEG Codec

pinyinup.exe    搜狗输入法 网络更新程序

PCANotify.dll    PCANotify.dll

Aimsp32.dll    AimSp32 Module

JOHNCAST.EXE    PKSFX (R)   FAST!   Self Extract Utility &nbs..

TB3x.exe    TB3x.exe

C_28594.NLS    ISO 8859-4 波罗的海文

HPZipm12.exe    PML Driver

VideoWave9.exe    Roxio VideoUI 9

TouchX.dll    Microsoft Tablet PC Touch Input Component

GTunnel.exe    GTunnel

tmtdi.sys    Trend Micro TDI Driver

royal.sys    Release Build v1.00

catchme.exe    一个扫描并可以删除系统隐藏进程,文件,服务,注册表的工具. catchme is the rootkit/ste..

nsutil.exe    nsutil.exe

gacutil.exe    Microsoft (R) .NET Framework Global Assembly Cache Utility

mstee.sys    WDM Tee/Communication Transform Filter

icwdl.dll    Internet Service MIME Mutlipart Download

dssec.dat    dssec.dat

updater.dll    updater.EXE

iislog.dll    Microsoft IIS Plugin DLL


simhei.ttf    simhei 字体文件

nvcoi.dll    NVIDIA Driver CoInstaller

zh_tw.dll    eMule Language DLL

MiniDock.exe    桌面导航迷你界面

wpdshextres.dll    Shellerweiterungsressourcen für tragbare Geräte

wksshelp.dll    Microsoft® Works SS/DB Help

R2pcsh.exe    r2pcsh.exe

R3proxy.exe    Fellowes EasyPoint Proxy Server

Rainmeter.exe    Rainmeter.exe

Ramicro_toolbar.dll    RA-MICRO IE Toolbar Engine

Randomscreens.exe    randomscreens.exe - RandomScreens - UoM File extensio..

Ravdiskgen.exe    RavDiskGen - Rising RavDiskGen - Beijing Rising Information Tec..

Rclserver.exe    Remote Administration Service - Emco Software Ltd. F..

Rddv1012.dll    Roland Corporation

Rixsjcri.exe    rixsjcri.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable..

Regrunrm.sys    REGRUNRM.SYS

Regwarner.exe    Regwarner AddOn XP-Clean - Regwarner - ..

Rem.exe    rem.exe - LAB1.DE File extensions exe : The EXE exec..

Remoter.exe    Remoter.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable ..

Replmon.exe    Replication Monitoring Utility for Active Directory - Active Dire..

Retroweblauncher.dll    RetroWebLauncher Module

Rgguard.dll    RgGuard Site Alert Software

Rqrijcrs.dll    rqRiJCrS.dll

Rqrkbumf.dll    rqrkbumf.dll

Rslinx.exe    RSLinx Communications Server - RSLinx - Rockwell Software, Inc...

Rundict.exe    有道词典