infocust.dll    360安全卫士功能模块

audit.exe    Audit

wmiapres.dll    WMI Performance Reverse Adapter Resources / WMI性能反向适配器资源

imapi2fs.dll    Image Mastering File System Imaging API v2 映像控制文件系统映像APIv2

wshirda.dll    Windows Sockets Helper DLL

msdtckrm.dll    Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator OLE Transactions KTM Res..

tpcps.dll    Microsoft Tablet PC Platform Component 平台组件

ver.dll    Version Checking and File Installation Libraries / Windows版本检测应用程..

bwcontexthandler.dll    ContextH Application

iccoinstall.dll    Hyper-V Integration Components Coinstaller

ndfetw.dll    Network Diagnostic Engine Event Interface 网络诊断引擎事件接口

wincredprovider.dll    wincredprovider DLL

ccsched.dll    Control Center Scheduler Plugin 控制中心调度插件

sddynd03.dll    SDDynDll

acqsetupres.dll    qksetupRes

Aim6.exe    AOL Service Libraries

ImpCntRU.dll    IncrediMail

TAR32.EXE    Tape ARchiver kmtar for WIN32 ver 0.96  Sep 22 1996 Written by k..

Ahqrun.exe    AudioHQ Plugins Launcher

nettiger.inf    Windows ISDN 驱动 相关文件.

te_protm.pm2    Windows ISDN 驱动 相关文件.

OTS.exe    OldTimer Tools

RtHDVCpl.exe    HD Audio Control Panel

tmpreflt.sys    tmpreflt.sys

QQMusicInstall.exe    QQ音乐播放器

svhost.exe    svhost.exe是W32.Mydoom.I@mm蠕虫病毒相关程序。该病毒通过电子邮件Email传播,打开病毒..

cdfs.sys    CD-ROM File System Driver

IIsCnfg.vbs    IIsCnfg.vbs

WNWRD232.CNV    Word 2.x for Windows Converter

7zaes.dll    7zAES Codec

xmlsub.dll    XML Subscriber

svrmigtest.dll    Server migration unit test methods

wkwzlay.dll    Microsoft® Works Wizard

Radrivewebupdate.dll    RADriveWebUpdate Module

Rakusb.exe    IBM RAK2 USB Driver

Ramphantomutility.exe    RamPhantomUtility - RamPhantomUtility File extensions..

Rawcontextmenu.dll    RAWContextMenu Module

Rcax.dll    RemoteCall ActiveX Control Module

Rebuild.exe    Rebuilds the Windows Shell Icon Cache.    &nb..

Recite4.exe    Recite4 Microsoft Product name: 

Regfixf.exe    Free Registry Fix - Free Registry Fix - Promosoft Corp. ..

Registryrepairscheduler.exe    - RegistryRepairScheduler - Telecom Advance 3W LTD. ..

Regsweep.exe    Registry Cleaner - RegSweep Application - Antispyware LLC ..

Repsvc.exe    RepSvc.exe - Wireless Operations Center - Devicescape ..

Rescuexp.exe    rescuexp.exe - WinRescue - Super Win Software File ex..

Rgmjsrqn.dll    rgmjsrqn.dll

Rlwnw64m.exe    System File - Browser Driver File extensions exe : Th..

Rm.ocx    rm ActiveX Control Module

Roxwatchtray9.exe    RoxMMTrayApp Module - CommonSDK - Sonic Solutions Fil..

Rpings.exe    rpings.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (..

Rqrkewpg.dll    rqrkewpg.dll

Rqrlcysm.dll    rqRLcYSM.dll

Rqrldasl.dll    rqrldasl.dll

Appband.exe    AppBand

Rs_ss_nt.sys    Driver for 5136-SD and SD2

Rshsvc.exe    rshsvc.exe - Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX - Microsoft Co..

Rtb.exe    Radio Toolbox - Radio Toolbox - ..

Rtext.dll    Search and Replace Shell Extension DLL

Runfaxsrv04.exe    runfaxsrv04.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executa..