cnbjdrv2.dll    Canon BJ Mini Printer Driver Windows 打印机驱动 相关文件.

oksidm9.dll    Sterownik drukarki Oksidm9 / Windows 打印机驱动 相关文件.

php_mhash.dll    mhash

sqlisapi.rll    Microsoft SQL isapi 扩展

c_g18030.dll    GB18030 DBCS-Unicode Conversion DLL c_g18030.dll是GB18030代码页支持文件

gpprefcl.dll    Group Policy Preference Client 组策略首选客户端

solitaire.exe    Executable for Solitaire Game 纸牌游戏可执行文件

ehdebug.dll    Media Center Debugging Support

winbio.dll    Windows Biometrics Client API

sxssrv.dll    Windows SxS Server DLL Windows SxS 服务 DLL

perfproc.dll    Windows System Process Performance Objects DLL Windows 系统进程性能对象 D..

dpapiprovider.dll    dpapiprovider DLL    Voxware MetaSound Audio Decoder音频解码器

alcxwdm.sys    Realtek AC'97 Audio Driver (WDM)

acopmres.dll    acopmRes Resource DLL

borlndmm.dll    Borland Memory Manager

Aimhelpsupport.exe    Aimhelpsupport.exe

Mmm.dll    Mmm.dll

Agmon.dll    AgMon Module

keyboard.sys    keyboard.sys

netnm.inf    Microsoft Network Monitor 2.0 Driver Install / Windows 网络监视驱动及工具 ..

advaimg.dll    fe_imgsrvc  Provides generic image services for Miranda IM Miran..

1733.dll    FLEXnet Secure Activation Module

ODZip.dll    ODZip Module

kavstart.exe    kavstart.exe

icuuc36.dll    icuuc36.dll

xfaconfiguration.dll    XML Form Architecture's XFA Configuration DOM Library

dockbar.exe    个人桌面导航

wkwpqd.dll    Microsoft® Works Word Processor

R2win.exe    Reflection for UNIX and Digital

Rabco.dll    rabco.dll

Ragent.exe    ragent

Ramicro_toolbar.dll    RA-MICRO IE Toolbar Engine

Rcmedia.dll    Voicemail Player v.

Rdrwavetime.exe    rdrwavetime.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executa..

Rdvchg.exe    C-motech Run Time Device Change - C-motech Run Time Device Change..

Rivers.scr    Rivers.scr

Redload.exe    Download from DL.FREE.FR - RedLoad - Redna SoftWare F..

Registry.exe    Sage Registry Service

Allinallupdate.exe    UpdateClient MFC

Rhc12wj0ecba.exe    rhc12wj0ecba.exe File extensions exe : The EXE execut..

Rosetta_beta_5.96_windows_intelx86.exe    rosetta_beta_5.96_windows_intelx86.exe File extension..

Rqrlixvw.dll    rqrlixvw.dll

Rsobserv.exe    Harmony Object Server

Rundl32.exe    W32.Kedebe.E@mm蠕虫病毒。该病毒从带有特定扩展名的文件中收集邮件地址,向收集到的地址发送..

Runoncew.exe    runoncew.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable..

Rxcert.ocx    - ReportExpress Enterprise

Ryanairbargains.exe    ryanairbargains.exe File extensions exe : The EXE exe..

Rapfile.sys    Rap Protection System

Rdwm1027.sys    - Roland Corporation

Rm847x.sys    MPEG Decoder Minidriver

Rr2522.sys    rr2522 Miniport Driver

Rspsc.sys    RootKit Hook Analyzer

Rules.sys    rules.sys

Av1cap.dll    ?

Apogeeio.sys    Apogee Port I/O

Aftb.ocx    AngelFeather?Z?L??­???e?B?Y?????c?[???o?[ - AFTB - none ..

Aexnsbootstrapctl.dll    Altiris eXpress NS Client Bootstrap Ctrl - Altiris eXpress Notificat..

Ad-watch.exe    Ad-Watch System Protector - Ad-Aware SE - Lavasoft Sweden ..

Advancedhelper-1.dll    AdvancedHelper - AdvancedHelper Filetype : Dll A Dll f..