dvdplay.exe    dvdplay placeholder Application

wuapp.exe    Windows Update Application Launcher / Windows Update 应用程序启动程序

mdminst.dll    Modem Class Installer 调制解调器类安装程序

pmcsnap.dll    pmcsnap dll

dmdskres2.dll    Disk Management Snap-in Resources 磁盘管理单元资源

win32spl.dll    32-bit Spooler API DLL / Client Side Rendering Print Provider 客户端侧面..

markup.dll    Windows Media Center Markup Resources

bcdboot.exe    Bcdboot utility 修复系统引导启动  BCDboot 命令行选项

tabbtn.dll    Microsoft Tablet PC Buttons Component Microsoft Windows Table PC 按钮..

kbdhau.dll    Hausa Keyboard Layout 豪萨语键盘布局

pkmws.dll    SharePoint Portal Server Windows API Stub Library

historyinfotransfer.dll    historyinfoTransfer

acrord32.dll    Adobe Reader

Artdrv.sys    Virtual Miniport Driver

tregsvr.exe    Delphi

Fileext.dll    Fileext.dll

Ahufuvup.exe    Ahufuvup.exe

Apsinv.sys    APSINV 5.0 Generic Device Driver

wdma_ess.inf    Windows自带的 声卡驱动 相关文件.

TINTLGC.IMD    Traditional Chinese语言输入法文件

MOM.exe    Catalyst Control Center:Monotoring program

Auhf.dll    Auhf.dll

drvload.exe    WinPE Driver Load Utility Usage: drvload INF [INF] ... drvload /O..

mxbitmap.dll    mxbitmap.dll

igxpgd32.dll    Intel Graphics 2D Driver

msmom.dll    msmom

c_10029.nls    MAC - 拉丁文 II

c_1143.nls    IBM EBCDIC - 芬兰/瑞典(20278 + Euro)

Rappel.exe    rappel.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (..

Ravwm.exe    ravwm.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (p..

Rcp_scheduler.exe    rcp_scheduler.exe - ReaSoft File extensions exe : Th..

Rcscan.dll    RCScan

Rdpssw32.exe    RDPSSW32.EXE

Recentx.exe    RecentX - RecentX - Conceptworld Corporation File ext..

Reconnect.exe    reconnect.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executabl..

Risagent.exe    RisAgent - SIMATIC IT Services - Siemens File extensi..

Recsche.exe    RecSche MFC Application - RecSche Application - Animation Techn..

Regview.exe    Regview.exe

Reporttool.exe    ??¶?±????¤?? - ??¶?±????¤?? - ??»? File extensions ex..

Reportviewer.exe    IExpress Setup - Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2005 -..

Rfiler.exe    rfiler.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (..

Rgfilerw.sys    RGFILERW.SYS

Amlauncher.dll    TODO:

Rm4.scr    32 Bit ScreenTime Screen Saver Engine

Rmadec.exe    rmadec.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (..

Routercontrol.exe    routercontrol.exe - LK-RouterControl - Mirko B?er Fil..

Roxassist.exe    Roxio Assistant application - Easy CD Creator - Roxio ..

Roxliveshare9.exe    Roxio LiveShare Service - CommonSDK - Sonic Solutions ..

Rozmchild.dll    Browser plugin

Rqrlebyp.dll    rqrlebyp.dll

Rs32net.exe    rs32net.exe - Microsoft® Windows® Operating System - Microsoft ..

Rshsvc.exe    rshsvc.exe - Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX - Microsoft Co..

Rsmsink.exe    Removable Storage Sink Layer - Microsoft® Windows® -k?ytt?j?rjest..

Rugjbfjn.exe    rugjbfjn.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable..

Run_once.exe    Elevated Rights Tool - Systems Management Server - Microsoft Co..

Runashost.exe    runashost.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executabl..

Rundys32.exe    System Utilities - System Utilities - Systems Integration 2 ..

Resys2k.sys    resys2k.sys

Rimmptsk.sys    RICOH MMC Driver

Rlvrtaucbl.sys    RLVrtAuCbl.sys