autoplay.dll    AutoPlay Control Panel 自动播放控制面板

microsoft.vsa.tlb    Microsoft.Vsa.dll

mhegvm.dll    Windows Media Center MHEG Module Windows媒体中心的MHEG模块

drtprov.dll    Distributed Routing Table Providers

quickinput.exe    搜狗拼音输入法 快捷输入

vgscheduler.dll    VGScheduler.dll

djvu.dll    DjVu plugin for IrfanView

acproject16.dll    AcProject Module

ftpsapi2.dll    FTP Service Client API Stubs Windows IIS 相关文件.

ssinc51.dll    Extension SSI (Server Side Include) Microsoft Windows IIS 相关文件.

vga865.fon    VGA (640x480) resolution terminal font (Norwegian

ie_bar.dll    ie_bar.dll

storage.dll    OLE 2.1 16/32 Interoperability Library

odbcconf.rsp    odbcconf.rsp

packet.inf    PACKET.INF -- Sample Protocol Driver

Mup.sys    Multiple UNC Provider driver

LS_SearchFile.dll    LS_SearchFile DLL 搜索共享文件

icuuc26.dll    IBM ICU Common DLL

ac3.dll    Audio plugin

zlavscan.dll    zlavscan shell extension

ziprepairgerman.dll    ZipRepair - Deutsche Ressourcedatei

wzcab.dll    Cabinet File API

igfxcfg.exe    igfxcfg Module

wmv8dmod.dll    Windows Media Video 8 Decoder

c_037.nls    IBM EBCDIC - 美国/加拿大

c_1250.nls    ANSI - 中欧

Rad5se_runtime.exe    Rad5se_runtime.exe

Rdwwvocm.dll    rdwwvocm.dll

Reginst.exe    reginst.exe - svchost File extensions exe : The EXE e..

Recoverytray.exe    SmartRecovery TRAY - SmartRecovery - Copyright (c) 2006 Radix T..

Registrationpopup.exe    RegistrationPopup.exe - RegistrationPopup - MySecurityCenter ..

Remotedesktopmanager.exe    Remote Desktop Manager - Remote Desktop Manager - Devolutions i..

Rfaxplugin.dll    RawFlow ICD Client

Rgfilerw.sys    RGFILERW.SYS

Rgheisvcs.exe    rgheisvcs.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executabl..

Rightclicker.exe    RightClicker - RightClicker - Moo0 File extensions ex..

Routew.dll    routew.dll

Rppi.exe    rppi.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (pr..

Rprqfy.dll    rprqfy.dll

Rqrlbbsk.dll    rqrlbbsk.dll

Rrcmd.exe    rrcmd Application - rrcmd Application - Lenovo Limited Group Co..

Rssql_mts_storer.exe    rssql_mts_storer.exe - RSSql - Rockwell Software, Inc. ..

Rsstoolbar.dll    Built-in MS Internet Explorer RSS Client

Rtc.exe    rtc.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (pro..

Runescape.exe    RuneScape Windows Client - RuneScape Windows Client - Jagex Ltd..

Rvrunlnk.ocx    rvrunlnk.ocx

Rybjsdub.dll    rybjsdub.dll

Rzxsevce.exe    RZX Service - RzxSevce Module - ???????????????????????«?? ..

R592.sys    R5C592 Media Driver as DiskDrive

Ramdriv.sys    RAMDriv Enterprise

Rdpwd.sys    RDP Terminal Stack Driver

Rdwm1012.sys    - Roland Corporation

Rdwm1021.sys    - Roland Corporation

Rdwm1027.sys    - Roland Corporation

Rlvackmd.sys    rlvackmd.sys

Rt2571.sys    Sample Driver for Ralink 802.11g Wireless USB Adapters

Rtiodrvdamp.sys    RTIOdrvDAMP

Af05a291.dll    AF05A291.dll Filetype : Dll A Dll file (Dynamically-Li..

Aexcmd.exe    Command-line interface utility - Altiris Recovery Solution - Altir..

Aesynch.exe    StayinFront Synchronization Server Application - StayinFront Synchro..