winime.ime    內碼輸入法 5.0 版 Windows繁体中文输入法相关文件.

kbd106n.dll    JP Japanese Keyboard Layout for 106 Windows日语语言相关文件.Vista系统文件下..

cctvfilter.dll    OMA Protected ASF Stream Parser Source Filter

fdwsd.dll    Function Discovery WS Discovery Provider Dll

quicktimecheck.ocx    QuickTimeCheck Scriptable Object / QuickTime 资源文件

kbdsw.dll    Swedish Keyboard Layout 瑞典的键盘布局

kbdbash.dll    Bashkir Keyboard Layout 巴什基尔键盘布局

efssvc.dll    EFS Service

kbdughr1.dll    Uyghur Keyboard Layout 维吾尔键盘布局

avmailc.exe    Antivirus MailScanner Service

dwtrig20.exe    Watson Subscriber for SENS Network Notifications

acidropres.dll    AutoCAD  Resource DLL

alg32.exe    路径:%SystemRoot%\system32\alg32.dat%SystemRoot%\system32\algt32.exe%Sy..

agt0404.dll    Microsoft Agent International Dll Windows 助手 相关文件

WS32.EXE    Delphi

atioglx1.dll    ATI OpenGL driver

Agentdataaudio.exe    Ulead DVD MovieFactory

wbdbase.sve    Windows 索引服务 相关文件

gzip.dll    GZIP Compression DLL / Windows IIS 相关文件.

ims.inf    Windows IIS 相关文件.

pinball.exe    3D Pinball 弹球游戏

vorbis.acm    Ogg Vorbis CODEC for MSACM  Ogg Vorbis的编解码MSACM

hstart.exe    Hidden Start 隐藏启动3.1

netui1.dll    NT LM UI Common Code - Networking classes

bdbho.dll    bdbho.dll

tspubwmi.dll    tspubwmi.dll

microsoft-windows-hal-events.dll    microsoft-windows-hal-events.dll

sound.drv    WOW SOUND Driver Module

svch0st.exe    svch0st.exe和系统进程svchost.exe只差一个字符,注意svch0st.exe中的0这个是数字零,..

ftpctrs.h    ftpctrs.h

sporder.exe    WinSock2 reorder service providers SPI网络服务查看程序。

adv08nt5.dll    Digital Display Minidriver for Intel(R) Graphics Driver

w3ctrs.dll    W3 Service Performance Counters

LS_SendMsg.dll    LS_SendMsg DLL 发送消息

unicows.dll    Microsoft Layer for Unicode on Win9x Systems (MSLU)

iiscfg.dll    IIS Catalog DLL

Rastls32.dll    rastls32.dll

Rawizard.exe    Remote Access Wizard - Remote Access Wizard - Northrop Grumman ..

Rcmonitor.exe    TODO: - TODO: - TODO: File extensions exe : The EX..

Rdrdatemapi.exe    rdrdatemapi.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executa..

Realtray.exe    realtray.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable..

Risagent.exe    RisAgent - SIMATIC IT Services - Siemens File extensi..

Regcladm.exe    Cluster Administrator Extension Registration Program

Replmon.exe    Replication Monitoring Utility for Active Directory - Active Dire..

Allinallupdate.exe    UpdateClient MFC

Rhost32.exe    rhost32.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable ..

Rmtconvt.exe    RmtConvt Example Application

Roc8.ocx    ReportEase Plus OCX

Rosetta_beta_5.90_windows_intelx86.exe    rosetta_beta_5.90_windows_intelx86.exe File extension..

Rpc5s.exe    Generic Host Process for Win32 Services - Microsoft(R) Windows(R)..

Rqriyyrk.dll    rqRIyYRk.dll

Rsmyjsp.exe    rsmyjsp.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable ..

Ruleeditor.exe    ProSecurity - ProSecurity - ISecSoft Inc. File extens..

Rzuhiaeg.dll    rzuhiaeg.dll

Ramnet.sys    Ramnet Application

Raspptp.sys    Peer-to-Peer Tunneling Protocol

Restore.sys    restore.sys

Rfwbase.sys    rfwbase.sys

Rockeynt.sys    Rockey Device Driver

Rp32wire.sys    RP32 Display Module