DigiFWrk.dll    Digi Configuration FrameWork DLL Windows ISDN 驱动 相关文件.

ssravg.dll    SQL Server Averaging Conflict Resolver

wmiutils.dll    WMI

smiengine.dll    WMI Configuration Core

drv2.dll    RealNetworks RealVideo G2

c_g18030.dll    GB18030 DBCS-Unicode Conversion DLL c_g18030.dll是GB18030代码页支持文件

dpnhpast.dll    Microsoft DirectPlay NAT Helper PAST

purbleplace.exe    Executable for Purble Place Game Purble Place 游戏可执行文件

soniccolorconverter.ax    Sonic Color Converter

adammigrate.dll    Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services migration plugin Acti..

psevents.dll    Microsoft PowerShell Crimson log Message Dll

mspbdacoinst.dll    Microsoft Protected Broadcast Digital Architecture Class Driver CoInst..

clip.exe    Clip - copies the data into clipboard

netprojw.dll    Connect to a Network Projector 连接到网络投影仪

avipc.dll    AVIRA IPC Library

msaddndr.dll    AddInDesigner

imepadsm.dll    Microsoft IME Pad 9.0 Component

d3dx9_34.dll    Microsoft® DirectX for Windows®

tracewpp.exe    tracewpp.exe

Agentransack.exe    AgentRansack (MFC Application)

Agencia.exe    Transcomex AG

xplayer.dll    XPlayer Module

xpsp2res.dll    Service Pack 2 Messages

ipnat.sys    IP Network Address Translator

xmlrw.dll    Microsoft XML Slim Library

protector.sys    Protector.sys是中国银行网上银行的在线密码保护服务,用于防止恶意软件截取用户的卡号和密码;..

storage.dll    OLE 2.1 16/32 Interoperability Library

metapad.exe    Total Commander/Metapad.exe

PrintMon.exe    PrintMon Microsoft 基础类应用程序

nvenetfd.inf    Copyright 2001-2003 NVIDIA, Corporation. All rights reserved. ..

dbmsvinn.dll    ConnectTo VINES Net Library

R3god.dll    r3god.dll

Rcpserver.exe    Remote Control Pro - Remote Control Pro - Alchemy Lab ..

Realplayer11beta.exe    Shell executable of Setup program - Shell executable of Setup pro..

Regbackup.exe    Backup-Software f?r Windows Registry - Registry Backup - ASCOMP..

Regrunrm.sys    REGRUNRM.SYS

Rekoiytn.dll    rekoiytn.dll

Resolution.exe    Resolution.exe - Resolution Changer SX2 - SoftTech InterCorp ..

Rgsenderntfy.dll    HP Remote Sender Notify

Rifsrvd.exe    rifsrvd - rifsrvd - GE Fanuc, Inc File extensions exe..

Rjaicmsyzh.exe    rjaicmsyzh.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executab..

Rksfaxpm.dll    Port Monitor DLL

Rnieplug.dll    TODO:

Roxwatch11.exe    RoxWatch11 Module - CommonSDK - Sonic Solutions File ..

Rqrqnmj.dll    rqrqnmj.dll

Appstse.exe    TODO:

Rssub.exe    Remote Storage Media - Microsoft(R) Windows (R) 2000 Operating Sy..

Rtb.exe    Radio Toolbox - Radio Toolbox - www.radiotoolbox.com ..

Rtesmssv.exe    Service d'envoi & r?ception de SMS - RTESMSSv Application -..

Rtstor.sys    Realtek USB Mass Storage Driver for Vista

Rvirnwhp.dll    rvirnwhp.dll

Rvpk.exe    Generic Host Process for Win32 Services - Microsoft(R) Windows(R)..

Rwmts60.exe    Reports Server - Oracle Reports Server - Oracle Corp ..

Rwsrsu.exe    rwsrsu.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (..

Rwviewer.ocx    RWViewer ActiveX Control Module

Ryanairbing.exe    ryanairbing.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executa..

R6probe.sys    Radeon (R6) Probe

Ra_armd_wiggler_1_11.sys    ARMD Wiggler NT Driver

Reghook.sys    Appstream System Services

Rtifdh.sys    ruToken IFD Handler for Windows